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Updated May 27, 2017

Article I:

Name and Location Name: St. Augustine RC Flyers
Location:  Tillman Ridge Landfill,  3005 Allen Nease Road, Elkton, FL 32033

Article II: Purpose

To further the sport of Radio controlled model aviation. To encourage and support young people in the many aspects related to this hobby, including aerodynamics, electronics, flight control systems, and eye-hand coordination. To promote a relationship among members that share technology advances and to help others learn this fascinating sport

Club activities 

A. Outreach programs for all ages that teach and entertain groups that can benefit from the club’s main interest.
B. Promote “fly-ins” as well as RC competitions that will benefit local businesses such as overnight stays and meals for the competitors.

Article III: Membership

A. Membership shall be open to all RC model enthusiasts that are AMA members.
B. Dues and initiation fees must be paid prior to becoming a member.
C. Prospective club members who belong to the AMA may fly three times as a guest. Non AMA members may fly only under the supervision of an instructor using a “buddy box”. Membership badges must be available for inspection at any time while on the site. (replacement badges are $5.00)


A. Dues amount may be proposed by any club member and a membership vote will be taken at the next meeting.
B. Dues will be prorated on a monthly basis for new members.
C. Annual dues must be paid during the month of June. After that time, the membership shall be revoked. Reinstatement will require a new application and initiation fee.


Any member who repeatedly violates club safety rules or AMA safety guidelines will be considered for expulsion from the club.

Expulsion from the club requires notification of the membership and a 51% vote by the members.

Article IV: Officers and duties

Elected officers shall be the president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and safety officer.

Term of office is one year. Nominations will be taken at the May meeting and voted on at the June meeting. Proxy and e-mail votes will be counted providing the votes are received in advance of the June meeting by either the Secretary or President.

President shall preside at club meetings.

Vice president shall assist the president and preside at meetings when president is not available.

Secretary shall keep minutes of meetings, post upcoming agendas at least 7 days prior to meeting, keep club rosters, and be assisted in all duties by an appointed “stand-in” when needed.

Treasurer will be in charge of all funds and report on the club’s financial status at each meeting.

Safety Officer shall be the link between the AMA and the club in all matters related to the AMA as well as enforcing the club’s safety rules.

If any Officer is unable to complete their term of office, the membership may suggest nominees and these nominees will be appointed by popular vote of the remaining officers.

Board of Directors

The board will consist of 5 officers.

They shall have the authority to spend a maximum of $500.00 without a vote by club members. Expenditures in excess of $ 500.00 require a vote by club members. Proxies and e-mail votes will be accepted. Club members will be notified one week in advance of any expenditure vote and a simple majority shall prevail.

Any non-emergency expenditure shall be posted in advance and the board members will vote after consulting with the club members.


Any change in the by-laws can be made by any member after a second and will require a 60% vote of the total membership. Club members will be notified one week in advance of the vote.


Nominations for Officers will be during the May meeting and voting will be during the June meeting. A slate of officers running unopposed shall become club Officers on June 1st.


The President will ask for help from club members and form committees for any club events or other functions.


Club meetings will be the first Saturday of each month and held at the Tilman Ridge flying field.

The Board of Directors (BOD) will conduct the meeting and all members present shall have a voice in all decisions. Members wishing to express their opinions shall do so in a timely and non-confrontational manner. It is the discretion of the BOD to accept or deny any said opinion.