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Regulatory Information For New Modelers

AMA Membership

All flyers must have current AMA membership to fly at the St Augustine RC Flyers (SARCF) facility. You can join or renew AMA membership online at

Aircraft Registration

By law, models and drones that are heavier than .55lb must be registered. Recreational flyers receive a single registration number and are allowed to use that number on all their aircraft. This number is different and unrelated to any pilot certificate number (Private Pilot/ATP/Remote Pilot/etc).

You can register your aircraft with the FAA online at Recreational flyers should click on the “I fly under The Exception for Recreational Flyers” banner and follow the FAA’s instructions. Registration costs $5 and currently lasts three years.

Your models must be labeled with your registration number. The number must be legibly displayed on an external surface of your model, maintained in a legible condition, and affixed in a manner that ensures it remains in place for the duration of the flight.

Note: The FAA website may have areas labeled “inventory” that imply each of your models must be added to your registration account. The inventory section will be used to in conjunction with remote identification equipment that will be required to fly in some locations after September 16, 2023. To complete your registration at least one aircraft must be included (serial numbers aren’t required), but modelers need not keep a complete inventory of their aircraft.

Knowledge Test

All recreational flyers regardless of any other licenses they may hold – even those flying aircraft lighter than .55lb – must pass an aeronautical and safety test called TRUST (The Recreational UAS Safety Test). The test is a short ‘open book’ online test designed to be informational and is free. There are a number of test administrators authorized by the FAA to give the test, including the AMA. The AMA’s testing site is

The AMA will only ask for your name, no account or registration needed. Be sure to print and save the .pdf certificate the site gives you once you’ve completed the test, otherwise you’ll have to take the test again to get another certificate. The certificate number is not linked to your AMA number or your FAA registration number.

Note: The terms “drone” and “UAS” may be used within the test, they apply to all RC models.

Documentation & Safety

Both the registration certificate (when flying aircraft .55lb or heavier) and certificate showing passage of the TRUST test must be made available to the FAA or law enforcement upon request. You should carry both with you wherever you fly. You should also have your current AMA card with you when flying at the SARCF field.

The new Federal laws mandate flyers use the safety guidelines of a CBO (community based organization), at the SARCF field we fly under the AMA’s safety code. You should receive the AMA’s safety code with your AMA card, it is also available online at and a more in-depth safety handbook is available at

Updated Jan 2022